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The story of the Italian “cashmere king” Brunello Cucinelli began in 1978.

The resilient and durable cashmere for Brunello Cucinelli is made of cashmere goat’s undercoat. Cucinelli chose the suppliers personally: having visited the farms in Tibet and the Gobi Desert, he opted for an ultra-light and warm material weighing 14.5 microns (against the usual 16). Sweaters, cardigans, coats and accessories featured in the brand’s collections, made of pure cashmere, carefully dyed at the factory, are complemented by shirts, longsleeves and trousers made of a mixture of cashmere and silk thread (this material is mainly used to create lightweight summer clothes).

The women’s line of the brand reflects the concept of “everyday couture”. A team of designers, transforming known basic everyday apparel into luxury items, is in charge of creating the clothes. In addition to cashmere, they work with leather, mohair, silk and velvet, complementing the collection of traditional jumpers and turtlenecks with layered ruffle dresses, shortened trousers, jackets with expressive cut, knitted cardigans and warm outerwear from down jackets to sheepskin coats. All the clothes are made in Italy.